House Producer, Head Engineer

Michael Menefee, AKA thedeViator, met fellow Rare Deviation members Jay Machiavelli & Ozone815 in college, and they instantly began a creative force. "Beat-tove" as some call him, has been producing & engineering projects and singles alike for the entire roster from 2015 to present day. This culminating in 2018's Rare Deviation Album; which featured Marcus Nogood, Isaiah G & others.  Michael's Engineering prowess led to his service at Gremlen Recording Studios in Aurora, Illinois, where he records and mixes with independent local artists. To book a session with Michael visit

Official Discography

* denotes Production

** denotes Production & Mixing

2015: Ozone815: Crooked Crown **

2017: Ozone815: LiGHTS EP**

2018: Rare Deviation**

2018: UnVaulted Vol. I EP**

11/15/19: Furnace LeVel**

"Arson (feat. DOA, Ozone815, Jay Machiavelli & Dflow Flore$)"

"For Mine (feat. Marcus Nogood & Ozone815)"

"Limitless (Kickz, DSands & Chemical Warfare)"

"Dream State (feat. Isaiah G & J Waves)"

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