Opposition what?

Rapper, producer, engineer, and DJ, Jay Machiavelli is extremely excited to announce that after a long drought, he is finally ready to release some music!

Being almost silent other then a few features since October, Jay is surely delivering. With a few features from guests like Dshawn, Jay Ti & Niko Grim, as well as from Rare Deviation's artists; Dflow Flores as well as Ozone815, this album is essentially the story behind Jay Machiavelli.

Whenever Machiavelli approaches production he always thinks in terms of feel. "The main goal I had throughout, was to bring listeners a new feel or vibe, every time the track changed, and sometimes even throughout tracks. For many artist they are consistent in many ways, I find that too much consistency can easily throw someone off balance."

Balance is a term that Machiavelli expresses should be looked at as less physical, and more imaginative. We are all familiar with the type of balance that is associated with gravity, but Jay feels as people lose their imagination, they also lose their sense of wonder; and the ability to truly ask one self a question without immediate bias playing an influential role on conclusions made.

Contrary is the first track on the album, as well as a single premiering on May 22nd, 2020 during the "Covid-19 Pandemic." Jay is normally focused on events at this time of year, but the shutdown of Illinois has created much more free time Machiavelli has been waiting for to really focus on his passion. This album is self produced, self recorded, self written, and self engineered, although Machiavelli will always admit people did help, it was typically nothing more than some advice, or a suggestion that he took.

Machiavelli feels he is somewhere between "old school and NeW sChOoL" as most of his inspiration comes from rap from the late 90's and early 2000's. Jay can remember when he first started to go to the skating rink (USA Skate Center) in his home town "Romeoville". This is the same place where he first began to DJ & MC. Interestingly enough the system that he used there will almost always be his favorite. "The Denon Dn X800 was the mixer I believe, and we found the music to play using something like a D-4500. It feels like forever ago now that I've had a few of my own controllers, and bought all types of other gear for mobile shows and my own home studio" The main thing Jay emphasized was the fact that this system was analog, with no screen to see wave forms, only to see BPM and song title. This was a HUGE thing when he first got into the world of music because "old heads" as they are referred to would feel as though seeing the wave form would essentially be cheating, as they had never had that ability using systems like these or... records.

Jay Machiavelli essentially sees life and music, a little more from that "old head" point of view. To learn more about the upcoming single available on all platforms, as well as the album save these links below! - Single - ALBUM

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