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Jay Machiavelli speaks on alcoholism on his new single "Handles"

Jay Machiavelli goes pretty deep with his new single “Handles".

Machiavelli relentlessly attacks this slow paced high energy, but sinister beat with a fast paced violent flow that will surely leave you wanting more.

Starting with a contagious hook that WILL not get out of your head, Jay Machiavelli sets the tone for the entire song - 

“I been using handles for that shit that I can’t handle; Willing to risk it all even though I don’t gamble; I’m down shits creek and I don’t have a paddle; Everyone thinks life is hard until they hit the gravel"

The hook delivers a sense of imagery, a possible subliminal to mumble rappers, and a sense of confidence brewing in the 23 year old DJ, rapper, and producer. The last line of the hook is extremely deep, as it refers to how unappreciative most people are about life. Greed is an issue that may never be resolved because someone will always want more."Handles" being named after a large bottle of liquor 

It flows so nice so it feels like Machiavelli is just telling a story, but there is much more to the story than you realize when at first listen. The song is a depiction of a struggle with Alcohol that Machiavelli has seen his whole life in family members or those around him. The first line of the hook "I've been using handles for that shit that I can't handle" sounds like a semi cliche catchy rap lyric, but in reality it very quickly summarizes a struggle with alcohol Machiavelli hasn't personally dealt with, but that he has seen so many times before. 

Machiavelli’s main focus was to make something catchy without losing his lyrical style. Machiavelli May have delivered the new “song of the summer” - Don't be that guy who misses out check out more of www.RareDeviation.com for more!

Producer Don Gotti who even got credited as a feature said - "My inspiration behind the beat was just to make something with a good bounce too it but I also wanted to make it sound kinda eerie. I had future in mind when I played the main melody and kind of just ran with it from there. It was just one of those days I was cooking up in the lab. As far as projects coming up I got a joint album with Kid Kash dropping this summer called “New Kash” all produced and engineered by myself so I have that in the works. Aside from that I’m just dropping beats."

Be sure to check out www.producedbydongotti.com for beats and more from Don Gotti. 

Song Link: https://song.link/t/112499811

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